New Leaked Audit Exposes Twitter’s Disinformation Team Of Experts ‘Begging’ Others For Help

The controversies surrounding Twitter don’t seem to be coming to an end, anytime soon. And this next story linked to a recently leaked audit is no exception.

The audit was not only obtained but also posted as a whole with full consent by the Washington Post. In that, we see disgruntled experts from Twitter’s disinformation team beg for help. The reason is linked to inadequate resources on offer by the company. This is what led the team to be reactive to only the ongoing crisis put up in front of them.

The audit exposed how the members complained of major concerns such as being understaffed, amongst others.

The firm’s integrity team for the website lacked the necessary tools to carry on and support their tasks that were designed to target the huge challenges linked to disinformation on the platform.

In the same way, we get a glimpse of how the audit continued to shed light on how poor resources mean they could only get past the day by tackling any major crisis that may have come up. This in turn means the app could not get the proactive measures it required to ward off threats and detect them as needed in a moment of crisis.

Twitter is yet to confirm any of the news or requests for comments on the matter.

The news comes at a time when top media outlets like CNN and Washington Post put out the details from a top whistleblower Peiter Zatko. He used to be in charge of all of the firm’s security operations. Moreover, he was the one that commissioned the audit to begin in 2021.

The Post confirmed how the audit began with the help of disinformation experts. This is the same group who claims the platform was slow to respond to threats coming it's way about conspiracies such as QAnon as the teams lacked the knowledge to handle such matters.

In the same way, we saw the same audit prove that the app had even accepted QAnon’s account to be a part of its community project called Birdwatch.

Simultaneously, the 12-member team that was interviewed for this particular audit also routinely spoke about how under-sourced they had been for a while now. It had come to a point where they even had to borrow tools like support for engineering to do their jobs more diligently.

Another report by The Post confirmed how they carried out an interview with an unnamed top official from the company. He said that the number of staff members that were addressed in this particular audit was only those of the senior policy level.

He said that Twitter had dozens of other employees working on a full-time basis, not to mention thousands of contractors hired to make sure misinformation was dealt with diligently.

The audit has proved that in the year 2021, the app has been very consistent in falling behind the curve in terms of tackling misinformation.

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