New iPhone Models Fail To Spark As Much Enthusiasm As Before, Claims New Study

It was Apple’s mega launch event yesterday and iPhone enthusiasts from all around the globe had their eyes set on the new unveiling.

So many tech blogs have been raving about the event for months, others anticipating what the new product would entail. But while the hype may seem to be a lot in this regard, Google trends are proving otherwise.

We agree that Apple’s products certainly steal the spotlight when it comes down to all others. However, you can’t deny the fact that the anticipation for iPhones isn’t exactly what it once used to be in the past.

The company is faithful about what users will expect and crowds do come in expected figures. But still, the headlines aren’t as attractive as they once used to be. Every other media outlet is covering the event and now that the results are out, we’ve come to one conclusion, thanks to a study.

The excitement lacks the spark or the ignite that we saw years ago for such launches. So many leaks and related predictions about what users can expect are taking center stage. And they’re proving to be true. Hence, you can see why the spark is no longer what it used to be. Things are no longer a mystery and we know what the new iPhone series will entail.

Google's data proves that the worldwide search interest for iPhones has also gone down and the enthusiasm that searchers had about finding out details linked to launch events of Apple has also declined.

For instance, let’s compare some stats. Last year during the launch of the iPhone 13, the search volume for the event was almost half of what we had seen in 2012. The latter really was a period where there was a peak in the hype for such devices.

H/T: Statista
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