TikTok Adds More Data To Its Insights Tool So Users Can Filter Options That Best Suit Them

TikTok is adding more data notes to its very productive Insights Tool. The company says the decision has been taken so users can better filter out options that suit them.

The tool was first introduced with the motive to put several different types of snapshots on display. This includes integral notes on what’s happening in the market around the globe. Therefore, users can filter down any type of specific information for their targeted campaigns.

As can be witnessed through this particular approach, TikTok Insights is allowing the new data to be downloaded for cards and in presentations or for any other use.

Users can narrow down the data in a number of different ways. This includes TikTok providing a lot of options for filtering purposes and they can better gauge what’s happening around the global markets of today.

For instance, if you’d like to know integral trends in the UK during the holiday season among users of the app, you can easily find out now. In the same way, the platform says it’s ideal when you wish to publish a new marketing approach.

Now, there are more insights than ever included so finding out what’s trending in the current market is key for planning purposes.

It’s definitely not perfect as the information can’t be customized to a point that you’d probably want it to be. However, the platform can be used to see what behaviors are being followed to guide users to the best marketing approach across the app.

TikTok is adding the details to the platform outlined as Creative Center. And we feel the more insights provided, the better and easier it will be to market on the app.

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