Apple Has Just Announced The New iPhone 14 Series With Some Innovative Features

The moment that many iPhone enthusiasts have been waiting for all year long has finally arrived. Tech giant Apple unveiled the new iPhone 14 and iPhone14 Pro with some innovative features worth a glance. And we’re outlining some of the major ones for you below.

For starters, users can expect a new emergency SOS through satellite communication technology. What does this mean? Well, users will get the chance to send signals for help, no matter where they may be located.

This includes even the most remote places of them all and when you’re struggling with mobile data signals too. To make this type of scenario work, Apple has put together a mix of technologies. In turn, this removes the need for heavy forms of hardware so that communication becomes possible, thanks to a satellite located right above your head.

The feature comes with all new devices and is free of cost for the next two years. We’ll be seeing a launch take place soon in November across both the US and Canada.

Apple says the new technology is fabulous at sending out texts at a fast pace under emergency conditions. The company has worked with an array of experts to create a list of emergency questions that gets active with the click of a button. So getting help faster than ever has never been easier.

Secondly, Apple has included a new photonic engine into the iPhone 14. This means users can attain the best camera performance under low lighting conditions. In case you didn’t already know, computational photography is the rage these days.

Apple’s new Deep Fusion technology allows you to take better images with your iPhone, thanks to a new processing stack. This has been dubbed a photonic engine and it’s designed to make the most of even the poorest low light conditions.

This phone camera can be seen taking a total of 9 shots and one that’s of long exposure. The system then assesses which of these shots are perfect and it creates a combo by compositing them together in terms of sharpness. While it sounds like a simple collage, it’s far from just that.

Apple confirmed the news stating how the Deep Fusion gets active as soon as the phone sensors detect poor lighting. Therefore, users get the chance to click images in the best hues and with better details.

The leading iPhone maker promises that this new ultra-wide camera and the new selfie camera are guaranteed to perform better than before when users were faced with poor lighting. It’s all thanks to the state-of-the-art technology being incorporated.

Meanwhile, another notable feature worth a mention is linked to a 48MP sensor located in the Pro version of the device. This series can utilize the mixing of pixels for merging data together on the image sensor. And what you get in the end is a mega ‘super pixel’ that really enhances low-lighting conditions.

Thankfully, there is no button or toggling option to flip this on. It gets activated automatically in different lighting situations.

Last but not least, the new iPhone series has some great news for users in the US. Now, iPhones come with supported eSIMs and while we agree that the devices have been providing support for such SIMS in the past, we’re seeing the new iPhone provide support related to physical SIMs in America. So what does that mean?

Well, users in the US will have devices without any slot for their SIMs. This is definitely in line with news from the past that spoke about Apple moving forward with eSIMs.

The whole concept linked to eSIMs has to do with making connections with cellular networks without the real need for physical SIMs to be added to your device. It’s convenient and allows users to have multiple profiles on one device. Also, it’s more secure and wards off theft incidents as it can’t be stolen.

But there are a few drawbacks linked to electronic sims. For example, you can’t make changes to your SIM card with ease. And that’s quite troublesome when you’re traveling. When it comes to travelers, it’s not simple to purchase local sims in the nation they’ve traveled to.

For now, the change is restricted to the US. But we’re not quite sure if other markets will be seeing any similar types of changes occur too.

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