New Intelligence Study Says Twitter’s Estimates Of Bots On The App Is Reasonably Correct

Elon Musk has been wanting to get out of the Twitter deal for a while now. And his excuse is how Twitter failed to correctly reveal the number of estimated bots seen across the app.

He continually urged that the figures were much greater than what Twitter claims and it had many people second guessing who’s right and who’s wrong.

But a new intelligence study by researchers at SimilarWeb says the estimates provided by the platform are reasonably correct. However, you can never judge that simply by looking at tweets, they added.

Billionaire Elon Musk continued to rant about how nearly 20% of the app’s accounts were bots. But Twitter argued how that was not the case and for them, it came out to be less than 5%.

Now that we’ve got this newly published study out, Twitter’s estimates are corroborated by bots. But the number of tweets that these bots produce might make it seem like a whole different ballgame.

Remember, bots are the name given to automated accounts that assist in bringing in more traffic across the platform. And while it’s not regulated by normal users, it certainly appears like a human is running the account. You’ll find all the usual activities that normal users take part in such as liking a post, retweeting messages, and even following others on the app.

These bots alter the app’s metric called mDAU or better called daily active users that are monetized. Therefore, the more bots you find, the fewer human accounts there will be. And obviously, stakeholders like advertising firms, marking companies, and other firms wish to reach out to humans and not bots. After all, they want to make money.

A recent study by Similarweb spoke about how this method was not created to find the real estimate of bots. Instead, they were keener on figuring out how many real users are on the app. So if we had to summarize, the findings are more or less in line with Twitter’s claims.

Before you get too excited, remember one thing. There was also a little truth that researchers found linked to Elon Musk’s claims. Around 20% to 30% of the content produced in America on this app is produced through bots. Similarly, the study realized that around 19% of human users on the app made content daily.

There were some findings that refused to call every bot evil but researchers say that some are more harmful than others and they see them as major threats. The problem lies with those that make it appear as if their interactions are being carried out by humans.

They want to do this when they wish to raise sentiments on debatable or controversial issues such as politics or a specific cause. And while Twitter claims to be doing everything in its power to help limit them from advancing, the research claims the challenge is definitely mighty.

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