Twitter Wants To Expand To Other Platforms With New Share Icon For WhatsApp And LinkedIn

Twitter is on a mission to better facilitate the sharing of tweets across different leading social media platforms.

Therefore, the company is planning to launch a new sharing button that manages to do just that. For now, it’s for apps like LinkedIn and WhatsApp but who knows, we might be seeing one for others too.

The button will also feature dedicated presentations for tweets on the platform. But for now, we just know that it’s being restricted to users in India.

In case you didn’t know, the WhatsApp button is definitely a crowd pleaser because the app is the most popular platform for users in the country. Think along the lines of over 487 million users.

But wait, it does not stop there. Twitter feels that it can take this initiative a step further by testing a new share button that arises in the lower part of the function display.

A lot of Indian users from Twitter are now speaking about how they’re witnessing a new share icon appear for Whatsapp in the engagement corner. So now, you can easily and quickly share any tweet you’d like with those on your WhatsApp contact list.

The feature is still not out as a functionality in the form of a button now but we can see how this will soon be loved by many avid Twitter enthusiasts. After all, streamlining tweets on your Whatsapp chat sounds enticing.

Twitter says it is rolling out a new experiment that will be limited to the Indian market for now. And they highlighted how much this market means to them.

Seeing the classic share icon be replaced with WhatsApp for the majority of Android users in the country is definitely exciting because the app says now sharing across platforms is being welcomed. So it’s a simple, accessible, and very holistic approach.

The importance that WhatsApp carries in a nation like India is definitely huge and seeing the strategy Twitter is employing seems awfully smart to us for better engagement as well as the reach of Tweets.

But there are more updates coming forward from Twitter on another front as well. The app has recently enabled sharing of tweets across apps like Instagram’s Stories and Snapchat for Android users. This was only available for iOS users in the past.

At the same time, we’re hearing about the feature expanding to LinkedIn as well. All in all, that’s like gathering all your favorite apps in one place and reaping the benefits, which Twitter wouldn’t mind.

It seems gone are the days when users had to stick to only taking screenshots from Twitter to have them shared on different apps. Now, the direct share option makes things so much simpler.

And as you can expect, Twitter is keen on tracking user data. Remember, in 2015, the app found out how many people fail to log into the app but do engage with the content.

All in all, the more sharing options there are, and seeing more users stay linked together through tweets means we’re serving a new and improved means to get more people engaging and logging in simultaneously for sharing purposes.

For now, that’s the latest updates we have but by the looks of it, this seems awfully interesting. Remember, Twitter might be hiding more surprises under the rug and we’ll need to see how well this experiment does in India for now.

In general, the concept of a button that’s created for cross-platform sharing is definitely smart in our opinion. What do you think?

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