TikTok users will now be able to see who viewed their posts

Three months ago, in June 2022, a spokesperson from TikTok revealed that the app developers were working on a new update. The newly added update was meant to show the followers the names of those who viewed their posts.

At that time, it was just in its developmental stage and wasn’t available globally. The beta test version was only released for a limited number of users.

However, the data would’ve been available for just 7 days, and after that, the user wouldn’t be notified about those who viewed their posts.

According to the spokesperson, the app developers keep thinking of new ways to ensure a better user experience, and this new update would’ve been another step in that direction. Another similar feature was also released which would let the user know who visited their profile, but it was only limited to those who were 16 years old or older and had over five thousand followers.

The post-view feature was first highlighted by Matt Navarra, the social media analyst, and consultant. On his Twitter account, he tweeted about the upcoming update which allowed users to view who saw their posts.

Almost three months later, Matt once again took the lead and tweeted that if a user enabled who viewed their post, other users would also be able to see it as well.

The feature is not a permanent one and can be turned off and on by simply going through the app settings, unlike other social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, which let users know about those who viewed their posts and the feature can’t be turned off. TikTok is keeping users' privacy at the top of their priority list, and they have made it an optional feature for those who like to keep a record of their post viewers. As mentioned above, the feature will only work for mutual followers and not for anyone outside the list. After 7 days, the viewer's list won’t be available, so the user will have a limited time to collect their data.

No official update release date has been shared by the spokesperson, but it can be expected that it’ll be available soon.

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