New Hotel Room Video Leak Showcases Meta’s Quest Pro Headset One Month Before Launch

Meta is not going to be happy right now as a recent video leak has reportedly showcased its new Quest Pro Headset in full.

The headset was all set for launch next month and the team had been working hard to make sure it was everything that would attract users. But this recent leak from a hotel room has left the company in a bizarre and perplexed state.

The news was first put up by Zectariuz Gaming, who mentioned how a number of devices were put on display, labeled as engineering samples. And now, the video is going viral online with security experts like Kevin Beaumont tweeting the footage.

The product arises in a luxe black tone and comprises three different cameras located on the front of the device. This was very similar in appearance to its Project Cambria that had been set out in a teaser by the company before.

Many experts are calling the device out to be similar to another model that was leaked through an instructional video from the past. Similarly, a set of new controllers in a unique design have come forward that was similarly seen in the instructional footage. This replaces the classic looped controllers that were launched previously.

The device’s packaging displays the terms, ‘Meta Quest Pro’ and there’s also a sticker that claims, ‘Not for Resale’- an engineering sample. And now, there are even images of the device and controllers.

Speaking to The Verge recently, Cardenas could be seen mentioning how the person living in the hotel room has indeed claimed these headsets.
It’s a bummer because Mark Zuckerberg had made huge promises about a product that was more high-end and provided users with a VR experience like no other. And the fact that it was designed keeping a no-wire design in mind was really something.

The addition of more sensors could help in making it useful for various activities that go above and beyond the world of gaming, other than tracking through the eyes and the face.

Zuckerberg added how the new product is fabulous for gaming but it’s not restricted to just gaming, The name, ‘Meta Quest Pro’ is definitely finalized as that was spotted by Bloomberg via a Meta Code.

All in all, we find the news amusing but we do feel bad for the firm because a hotel leak for a huge project like this is definitely not something Meta was looking forward to.

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