Microsoft’s New Multi-Platform Feature Allows Users To Run Ads Across Different Leading Apps

For advertisers, it can be awfully difficult and draining to handle various ad platforms simultaneously. But it’s Microsoft to the rescue and that means many people will no longer need to stress about the ordeal.

The leading tech giant was seen announcing a new multi-platform feature that enables different users to run their advertisements across top social media apps. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or even Google - this new feature has you covered.

The new all-in-one benefit is a part of the company’s Smart Campaign. It allows ads to run through the Microsoft interface and onto different apps. And while it’s not being rolled out for all the advertisers just yet, you can still join by signing yourself up on the waiting list.

Without a doubt, the concept related to advertising through multi-channels is certainly not a new one. In fact, we first heard about it way back in 2020. But what we do know is that the firm has launched a new and improved Smart Campaign experience.

Some experts feel the feature has even been revamped using AI technology. But all in all, you get the chance to expand your reach with the convenience of a single location. This is where campaigns can be worked on, managed, and even reported across famous ad platforms. And if you’re struggling with the budget, well, no worries.

The AI tool by Microsoft will also optimize budgets that best suit high performance. Another major advantage unveiled by the company is how the new feature can also assist in driving traffic to any of your websites and social media accounts created organically.

Microsoft added in its public blog post regarding the feature of how making websites from scratch or producing one through a business page on the Facebook app has never been simpler. Their tools up for grabs can even schedule your posts and provide feedback to customers on apps like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter too, just with one interface.

But the best part has to do with the tools being free of cost. Yes, you will only pay for your ad expenditure. Other than that, Microsoft has also outlined a range of other features up for grabs. This includes running search ads on pages of Google and Microsoft and running social ads for apps like Instagram and even Facebook.

You also get the chance to publish content and engage through similar social media apps. In the same way, Microsoft will allow users to gather and critique reports and simultaneously make campaigns as well.

There was also a special mention of optimizing content using AI tools and leveraging various types of AI to manage campaigns. You can even utilize the company’s audience network and produce ads with relevant searches online and specific keywords.

As a whole, this decision is definitely an appealing one and it’s exciting as well. But you’ll need to wait a little while longer as it's being tested right now and is not available for widespread use. Who wouldn’t love to manage the social campaigns’ advertising with the help of a single dashboard?

There are plenty of questions that remain unanswered on behalf of Microsoft. For instance, how will the firm’s AI manage and even optimize different kinds of auctions seen across Google? Will the company be taking in audiences from Facebook or will they be presenting their own audience? Similarly, will the ads be targeted toward those that align with Facebook?

So as you can see, a little more clarity is required. And we hope the company clears it up soon because this is definitely convenience at its finest.

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