Microsoft Edge will be receiving a new Wallet feature for Windows 11 and Windows 10

Microsoft is working on a new Wallet feature for its Edge browser. As the name indicates, the feature is meant to help its users by letting them control their digital holdings, such as credit cards or savings that are linked with their Microsoft account.

Currently, the new Wallet feature is still in its initial development stage and is not available globally for all users but has been added as a beta version for a restricted number of users. To find if a user has been added to the restricted list, they can simply search for it on their edge browser, as the company does not use an algorithm to determine which users will be selected for the beta trial phase, so users figure it out for themselves in some cases.

According to the article posted by WindowsLatest, the upcoming feature is set to take the user’s transaction information to a whole different level. The user will be shown a complete display of their saved credit cards, which have been linked with their Microsoft account. If someone has not logged in to their Microsoft account on the Edge browser, they can simply link their card with it if they want to.

At the same time, the users will also be receiving promotion notifications such as 10% cashback opportunities that can be availed. And if a user is already using the reward system offered by Microsoft, they can see their total balance on a single display.

All these new features are meant to provide a better experience for Microsoft Edge users as they will make things easier for them while they perform online shopping. However, not many details have been shared by the developers, and as the feature is still under trial, by the time it makes its global debut, new or updated features will have been added to the wallet based on user experience.

It can be expected that if a new update is released ahead of the wallet, then Microsoft may provide better insight on their upcoming projects for different platforms.

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