The time taken to update an application is longer than marketers' expectations

In light of a recent survey conducted by Airship, it has been noted that many businesses have to deal with difficulties to ensure a better user experience. Over 90% of application developers and marketing agencies agree that they must deal with difficulties while waiting for the app's new update. Ninety-six percent of the agencies rely on these new updates to provide a better experience for their respective audiences.

The time taken by the developers or sellers to launch an application or introduce an updated version plays a significant role. As it has been said that it can affect one’s business.

The survey highlighted 7 areas, which span around the overall user application experience. It has been observed that almost more than a quarter of the marketing agencies and other linked product holders keep planning new strategies for a better user experience as they believe that the more user-friendly their product is, the better experience they can provide. However, when it comes to launching these new updated application versions, less than a quarter of these agencies can launch what they planned.

The agencies believe that these actions are taken instantly as soon as the requests are received. On the other hand, developers have a different perspective. According to them, it may take more than a month for the actions to be taken.

While focusing on the difference between these two perspectives, the study showed that developers prioritize bugs over requests. As bugs can create more problems for the users, they are fixed on an urgent basis. Other factors, such as quality testing or getting approval, also play a role in applications being delayed for release.

In the future, it is expected that these firms will be using a "no code" option to ensure a better user experience much more efficiently.

The survey results were based on one hundred application developers and one hundred and two marketing agencies and respective product holders who are directly affiliated with solving problems faced by users and can generate over two million dollars per year.
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