Meta Is Planning To Launch ‘Community Chats’ On Facebook Groups And Messenger

Meta’s CEO was reported mentioning today how Community Chats are coming to its Facebook Groups and Messenger apps.

This feature enables large groups to not only organize their chats into separate categories but avail an array of other interesting features. Examples include adding audio/video channels to help better any discussions that occur in real-time. Similarly, users can benefit from chats involving admin members only. And lastly, you get to benefit from event chats.

Similar to Discord, this feature is designed to add a great amount of convenience as it makes it so much simpler to keep a track of chats involving all sorts of people out there.

Zuckerberg mentioned in his blog post that Community Chats are a great and innovative way to communicate with all those individuals who have similar interests as you.

As a whole, around one billion individuals make use of the Messenger app to chat with friends, and soon, users will also be given the chance to avail community chats across Facebook Groups and also through Messenger.

Just like the manner by which Facebook Groups behave, community chats are designed to go above and beyond your usual friend's circle. For instance, if you’re a home cook who adores sharing recipes with the world, you can go ahead and join the Women who Cook group and benefit from interesting chats.

And the fact that most of these people that you’re chatting with are complete strangers means you’ve got nothing to worry about as the company plans on including moderation tools.

This way, admins get full control of adding, removing and even blocking messages and group members involved in shady behavior. Similarly, there will also be an admin assistant feature up for grabs where admins get the chance to enable automated moderation via customized criteria.

Things like this are great when you happen to be starting a generalized chat and don’t wish to have anyone drop the f-bomb into your conversation. Simply ban the word and won’t appear.

The feature can be enabled through both Facebook Groups or your Messenger app- the choice is all yours. As far as testing is concerned, Meta has just begun and it hopes to launch the feature to groups in the next few weeks.

We’d also like to mention how Meta has similarly been seen adding quite a few features to its messenger application that is so similar to Discord or even Slack. This includes its @everyone feature. And we’re sure there’s plenty more in store from where that came from so do keep a lookout.

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