Google’s Digital Wellbeing Tool Plans To Include ‘Cough And Snore Detection’ On Android Devices

Google is certainly thinking outside the box when it comes down to offering users the best features to better their health.

We’re hearing more news about how the search engine giant’s Digital Wellbeing is planning on taking things to the next level. And that entails targeting users in their sleep with cough and snore detection.

In recent times, Digital Wellbeing has really come out on top in this regard. It was first launched in Android’s 9 Pie and since then, people simply couldn’t get enough of this incredibly useful tool. After all, what better way to steer clear of unhealthy smartphone consumption than this?

All in all, the popularity grew with the masses and today, people are in love. Although we’re sure apps like TikTok and Instagram aren’t loving the news about a tool that forbids users from scrolling unnecessarily.

Now, the feature wishes to undergrow expansion on Android by targeting users in their sleep. They claim it’s a great way to track their health and well-being.

This year in May, we heard rumors about how Google might be attaching such features but we weren’t too sure. Now, it appears they’re doing just that, thanks to a new report by 9to5Google via the app.

They were able to decipher that the company’s latest beta proved how the tech giant started working on the snore with cough detection. The plan is to make it a part of their exclusive Bedtime Mode.

The tool would function by using the in-built microphone in the device for sound detection that is made while sleeping. This way, it would gauge how much you snore and cough while fast asleep.

Digital Wellbeing is said to function simultaneously with the current system for sleep tracking from Google Clock. The tool is already designed to gauge how much users sleep through the device’s gyroscope with light sensor technology. These combine to assess if the device is kept motionless throughout the night hours.

Interestingly, the feature is already a part of so many smartwatches. For instance, the Galaxy Watch 4 could deduce how much a user snores. Nevertheless, not too many people have smartwatches today.

Many also don’t have the second generation variant for Nest Hub as well. Both of these features entail modern features for sleep tracking. We think it’s great if your phone can be the one to tell you that you snore or cough a lot.

You never know what health conditions you may be suffering from after the detection of such symptoms.

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