The Apple Car Is More Popular Than A Tesla Despite It Being Years Away From Release, Claims New Survey

We may know very little about the Apple car but that doesn’t mean its popularity isn’t growing with the masses.

Thanks to a new American survey that was recently conducted, we’ve got plenty of information regarding people’s taste in electronic vehicles. It’s amazing to see how buyers are anticipating Project Titan, despite news of its release being far away. And by that, we mean a few more years.

Tesla is already up for grabs in the market but the competition it faces from Apple’s innovative products is definitely a lot. Other than that, another interesting feature to note is how the project from Apple has been steeped in a lot of controversies and that’s what is giving us this huge delay.

From top executives resigning to huge turnovers regarding what the final project may look like, it’s certainly been through a lot. But whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. People are hooked and the survey’s results managed to prove just that.

On average, the everyday US customer would be keener on purchasing a car from the leading Cupertino firm. This is in comparison to getting their hands on a brand new Tesla or even a Ford.

The survey featured owners of new vehicles. Around 200,000 people took place in the study by Strategic Vision. Shockingly, Apple ranked in the third position in terms of brand considerations. People said they would adore buying a car from the company.

Around 26% of respondents would ‘definitely consider’ the vehicle for the future. While in second place came Honda at 32%. The leader of the pack was Toyota, where 38% of respondents would consider this to be their vehicle of choice. Ford scored the fourth position at 21% while Tesla came in fifth at 20%.

Apple’s scoring third isn’t the only shocking ordeal here. The fact that any more would deem Apple as competition in the automobile industry without any releases so far is just mind-blowing. It’s like a unique love and loyalty that consumers have for the firm.

Other than that, it’s interesting to note how more than half of the people that already owned a Tesla said they would consider purchasing an Apple car in the near future.

The researchers of the study were quick to point out how Apple had the largest combined score in terms of two different factors. For instance, when it came to future considerations and impression of quality, Apple ticked all the boxes.

Around 26% of people would truly consider it while around 24% would adore it. This means the brand awareness that Apple provides, not to mention its great reputation, has really made people happy. And to such an extent that they’re not blindly trusting cars manufactured by the firm.

Strategic vision also shed light on how this is a clear warning for other leading automobile producers to pull up their socks because the competition is tough.

Apple says it still has a few years to go before it actually introduces its own vehicle. At the same time, they’re planning a new revamp edition for its CarPlay that will soon take over the screens of vehicles.

As far as Project Titan and the thought of a self-driving initiative is concerned, well, it’s definitely evolving with time. There are a number of engineers who have joined the team, moments after they resigned from Ford.

For now, the goals are plenty and they’re quite ambitious too. Apple wants to weigh out all of its options for its car release. This is rumored to be in 2025 so we’ve got a while to go.

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