Google Releases New Digital Tools Aimed To Assist Small Scale Businesses

Google is on a mission to participate in Europe’s Small Scale Business Week by launching an array of features.

These arise in the form of digital tools that really allow SMBs to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Remember, any help that SMBs can get after being drastically affected by the pandemic is always welcomed. And this seems to be hitting the target greatly in that respect.

Google recently quoted stats from the European Commission relating to how 99% of firms operating in the EU were actually small scale. And they’re famous for employing nearly 100 million individuals, which adds to the economy’s backbone.

Therefore, the new support program is designed to provide great value in assisting such small firms up and running in the business game again. It also hopes they can tune back into the digital realm so they’re more focused and stay informed at all times.

For starters, the tech giant spoke about introducing free-of-cost training features for all SMBs scattered across the European Union.

Google also made it a point to highlight where it’s currently working in Spain, offering scholarships to different SMBs. This is designed to fuel various chances that their business and overall workforce can benefit from.

In the same way, there was much chit-chat about Germany and how Google is busy with the launch of free training conducted online. This will assist small firms in gaining access to better digital skills and also allow them to expand online.

Google sees these chances are golden opportunities to create valuable pathways that enable firms in the EU to build and grow their presence online. And by taking insights from the search engine giant’s team of marketing experts directly, what could possibly be better?

Similarly, the company also highlighted how it was creating the best support programs for various firms scattered across Ireland, Spain, and Germany. These were highlighted to entail access to Google Workspace for three months, free of cost. Other than that, there were options to attain the Chromebook at discounted rates, and also two whole months of free access to Shopify.

And in Germany only, there will be up to 40% off of Google Domains. How’s that for some exciting ventures? Google says all of the features can be taken advantage of through the firm’s website for Small Business Week.

Meanwhile, it boldly outlined how all of its assistance packages on offer will be granted only to those SMBs that meet the company’s criteria for eligibility. And that deadline is September 16th.

Last but not least, the company is also launching its ‘Heroes of Small Business. This is where users get the chance to send in their picks for the best SMBs in Spain and they could end up winning greater chances of getting help from Google.

Google also says that all SMBs across Europe can now verify Business profiles through its search feature and also through its Google Map application.

Moreover, those in search of a little added push and help should definitely avail this great opportunity of assistance packages. After all, there’s nothing better than a little added insight from the experts of the industry. Do you agree?

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