Google’s Health Equity Summit Goes Live With The Aim Of Helping Billions Lead A Better Life

Google just recently set the stage for its live Health Equity Summit. Here, an array of topics related to the organization’s drive to provide billions with equal access to healthcare was described.

Thousands joined in via Livestream to see what updates were in store as the company shed light on how it provides so many users with the quickest and most convenient ways to gain information about health.

Google Search would now be in the process of a launch for features that give users the chance to look for the best Government based benefit programs in the US. This includes Medicaid which is an initiative that covered 25% of Americans.

Next in line was YouTube and how it would soon be launching its own program in collaboration with a famous Foundation of the Kaiser Family. This way, it hoped to provide the support that various organizations needed to communities that were under-sourced or minorities in society.

Google also shared how it was now going to expand a new program with a research initiative to better provide assistance to groups suffering from health disparities. This would best be viewed as an expansion of the company’s Fitbit Health Equity project from the previous year.

Google’s Director of Health Equity then revealed how his experience as a health care provider and academician has given him the chance to work alongside different communities that have been deprived of basic rights to healthcare. This has to do with factors such as their geographical location, socioeconomic status, and their identity in this world.

Similarly, Dr. Ivor Horn explained how she’s been able to witness technology connecting various people to key information and similar tools needed to get back on track with health. This also allowed healthcare professionals to provide them with better access to healthcare toward them.

Today, it’s a whole new ballgame at Google where the company is focusing on a combination of technology, goods, and the latest research developments to assist billions to get the best in healthcare. And that includes those communities that are historically stripped of this basic human right for decades.

The summit featured the best professionals including experts from the healthcare industry, researchers, and those in charge of making policies. While some were from Google, others arose from the outside world, making up a perfect blend of individuals united for one cause- health equity.

A lot of issues were discussed related to health and how important of a tool the right information can be in connecting others to care that’s suitable for them. The right type of information can bridge gaps and help foster equal care for all.

Remember, all types of people make use of Google’s services to get the right type of information related to their health. And the search engine giant adds that it's been working hard to ensure the most authentic and relevant facts are out there. This way, everyone gets a chance to access information based on their needs.

The right search features give people the care they need, and now, Google has even invited applicants from the US to take part in a wonderful research program. The tech giant is inviting researchers hailing from various educational institutions to submit proposals linked to health equity.

Those chosen would get the chance of winning cool prizes like credit on Google Cloud and even the best Fitbit devices or an opportunity for funding. And like the firm says, there are no shortcuts in life to equal healthcare access.

It’s a combination of trust and long-term efforts that will bring fruitful results and Google is taking steps to ensure it happens.

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