Pinterest Rolls Out Promotional Campaign That Frames The App In A More Positive Space

Pinterest just recently launched its latest promotional campaign. The company has decided to frame the app in a more positive light and that means creating distance from anything and everything that was once called its roots.

Today, the app wants to be known as a platform that is free of all forms of judgment and also one that isn’t criticized like the way ‘other’ social media apps are in today’s time.

The new campaign is called ‘Don’t Don’t Yourself’ and as bizarre as it may sound, it’s definitely something worth looking out for. And that’s because we found the concept to be rather unique and interesting.

The campaign was seen highlighting ‘inner saboteurs’ that the app feels are those that hold so many of us back from progressing. So you can see how keen the app is on being an antidote to the concept linked to doubt.

But why is the platform behaving like this and what makes it any more unique than others saying something similar has a lot of critics confused.

In its own words, the company mentioned in its recent blog post how it was collaborating with the UK”s famous studio called ‘Uncommon Creative Studio’ to make the app be perceived as one that’s inspiring people to freely express thoughts. And while we’re being very clear cut about it, the app had a nice spin to it by adding its own puns like ‘anti-don’t’.

But to each, their own, and what really grabbed our attention is how the initiative is quite interesting. And it’s definitely helpful in putting the platform forward as one that’s more creative, not to mention willing to experiment.

For years now, we’ve been seeing the app trying to keep a distance from the world of social networks and the label that comes with it. It's like to call itself a venture that is like a catalog full of ideas and inspiration.

It also has been proven on many occasions that the main focus on the platform is nothing but the content. And that’s remarkably different from other social media apps whose main objective is engagement with the audiences involved.

It’s without a doubt an app that many deem to be a valuable addition to their lives, considering the great amount of creativity and diverse listings involved. But we’re not really sure if we call it space to express your thoughts freely.

For now, let’s just enjoy the campaign that can be found soon in places like Germany, the US, and the UK.

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