Google is working on an update to the Nearby Sharing feature and it looks kind of cool

Nearby sharing is one of the best features of any phone or tablet. As the name suggests it is the feature that lets you send any sort of image or file to anybody that is near you and has their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on.

Well, coming on to the topic, Google has been working on updating this feature for devices that have Android 6 and above. The feature will start rolling out in two weeks and will let users share things with people nearby without having to authenticate the transfer.

As we said before, this feature once it has rolled out after two weeks will only be available for phones that will have the Android 6 or above version of the operating System. This feature is available on Android Phones and Tablets as well as devices that run Chrome OS. According to the company itself, it is working on the low end to expand the number of devices that this feature works on and has plans to bring it to Windows as well.

Now, there is a specific reason why this feature is called a nearby share. Well, the thing is that it supports a lot of ways to send stuff than just over the internet. The feature supports Bluetooth, WI-FI, NFC, UWB, and WebRTC, so that users can automatically find the best way to send content depending on where they are at the moment.

This feature allows users to share content between their own devices without any problems, but if you wanted to you could share it with other people as well. If the need to change the preferences on your phone arises all you have to do is you will head to Settings, then to Connected Devices after Connection Preferences, and then lastly Nearby Share.

This feature will be very useful for users who are in a hurry situation and want to share something with another device quickly and without wasting any time. This feature is beneficial for students and just basically academia people alongside people with busy jobs.

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