Apple's Announcement of Sim Tray Removal, A Blessing or A Curse for Consumers?

In a recent event held on 0709/22, Apple announced something about their iPhone 14 that left its consumers in complete awe.

Apple boasted an anti-consumer tactic that was the removal of sim tray from the latest iPhones and the e-sim replacement in place of physical sim trays. For its confused consumers, it is nothing as Apple is eyeing many other updates!

The prime problem for the US customers about this update is that they aren't still familiar with this tech update and are still bewildered about how to manage themselves according to the change. To add a cherry to the top, this update is termed 'anti-consumer' because numerous carriers in the United States still don't support eSims yet.

Another thing to screw you up is that if you are opting for a new phone with the same carrier then either you will be forcing your carrier partner to provide the e-sim support, or you will be shifting your carrier.

Besides this, if you accidentally broke your phone or it's stolen then you have to wait for an eternity for your carrier to distribute you a new e-sim and retrieve your data from your old phone. Another demerit of e-sims would be strongly faced by the international roamers. For people traveling to other countries, it would be a burden to change e-sims with physical sims or to pay for heavy roaming.

Now there aren't only demerits of e-sim, there are some advantages too that might be considered if you switch towards e-sim. Practically and technically, electronic sims can be the best possible replacement for physical sims as data can be easily transferred through them and it reduces the chance of your phone being stolen.
It seems that the update can benefit the company and carrier providers too but it can still be a question mark on the company. The update requires courage though and as always, the tech giant is ready for that.

Besides this, Apple could make the option for physical sim + e-sim available for its users but the funny fact is that it will cut its margin off and the carrier providers will not benefit as they can benefit solely from physical sim services or electronic sim services.

To cut it short, Apple can take any step to maximize its profits and bring technological change. Whether it is the removal of headphone jacks, or whether it is the update of charging ports, Apple always left its customers amazed and why wouldn't it? It's a tech giant that makes money as other companies do.

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