Google In The Spotlight For Paying Huge Sums Of Money To Maintain Its Position As The Top Search Engine

You may have frequently heard people talking about how Google is the world’s best search engine. Whether you agree or disagree, this next news is definitely going to shock you.

The search engine’s parent firm, Alphabet Inc. has been accused of paying a gigantic sum of money to ensure Google monopolistically maintains its top spot as the number one search engine.

The source for this allegation is none other than the country’s Justice Department which unveiled the striking allegations on Thursday to a federal judge. Moreover, the news also spoke about how the funds were transferred into the accounts of Samsung, Apple, and other big and leading names in the tech world.

As of now, the exact amount being spent to maintain its top spot in the search engine rankings was not unveiled but making sure it remains as a default across various browsers and throughout various mobile devices in the US is definitely concerning. All we know so far is the amount is in enormous figures.

The search engine giant was seen investing in billions because it knew for sure that so many people would not end up altering this, the spokesperson for the DOJ added to the Federal Judge.

Similarly, he said that the case was definitely the first of its kind with high-profile spectators too. But the thought of Google purchasing default exclusivity is definitely alarming because they realize how much this matters in the long run.

The company’s contracts are now forming the basis for a new lawsuit by the DOJ regarding anti-trust because they feel this is nothing less than monopoly and a complete violation of laws related to the antitrust category. As of now, attorney generals from the state are carrying out parallel antitrust lawsuits against Google, while Meta might be next in line.

Obviously, these are just initial developments and we certainly won’t be seeing any trial come forward until 2023 but we must say that the recent hearing was nothing less than a major eye opener for obvious reasons.

Recently, we heard about the White House putting out a roundtable where experts sat down and explored the huge harm linked to some of the biggest tech platforms out there, and how their decisions can wreak havoc on the economy and cause issues linked to children’s health.

Google’s attorney took this chance to explain how it's often misunderstood because of how big the firm actually is. And that’s why people feel it does not face any competition but that’s not the case. He said that the search engine has tons of competition that it’s tackling on a daily basis like big names including Meta, Amazon, and ByteDance.

He says that there are plenty of sites where users end up and make search queries so only Google can’t be blamed.

You must remember how Google controls one of the world’s most popular browsers called Chrome and its second most famous operations system in the world of mobile called Android.

The drama continued when the DOJ put forward some stats linked to mechanics and how the search engine’s contracts circled in so many rivals. For mobile phones, it’s Samsung and Apple while for browsers it's Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

The goal is to see that every company’s search engine is automatically set as Google as the default option. And these specific contracts create the gateway needed for users to be directed to sites across the web. Moreover, in this way, more rivals are prevented from posing a challenge to the search engine.

H/T: Bloomberg

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