Canva All Set To Make Its Mark Beyond The World Of Graphic Design With A Launch Of Its Worksuite

Canva has finally opted to venture outside the world of graphic design. The company will soon be launching its own worksuite that it has been working on for a while now.

Hence, the Australian firm recently mentioned during its Canva Create Night how the new suite will entail an entire range of products. There's plenty on offer, be it Canva Docs, Whiteboards, Websites, or Data Visualization. And it all comes after the app acquired Flourish recently.

At the same time, we’ll be seeing Canva offer an expansion of its graphic design moto while introducing a new technology that removes backgrounds on videos.

Canva presentations that were launched last year are all set to include new remote functionality, where presenters can connect all types of devices as their virtual clicker.

The company’s COO and co-founder mentioned during a recent interview how the firm has been busy working on its new features for the past two years. Therefore, it’s like a new entity that’s introducing valuable tools for the workspace. They are more than excited about this new worksuite, which it feels is ideal for various organizations.

Canva revealed how some of the biggest brands in the industry are making use of its products in the form of design tools. And while a lot of people are paying for the Canva offerings for Teams that came out last year, the new worksuite will surely come with a free trial period.

Similar to Canva teams, the worksuite will entail a collaboration of various features, giving team members the chance to group up and unite in real time to get on track with documents.

The new worksuite product will most likely draw similarities to Google’s suite and even Microsoft Office. But as the firm’s COO mentioned, there are no plans to compete with the industry's tech giants.

Canva is keener on serving as a visual first partner for so many of these helpful tools. That’s the great thing about Canva, its products are more visual, so the approach is based on what you see at first glance. For instance, how does a visual document appear at first? Can you make that not-so-appealing text document into a much more inviting endeavor?

Canva says the new range of work suite goods is interlinked. Therefore, if you create a presentation, you can transform it into a website or other documents.

There is also news on how Canva hopes to release its own API first in beta. This will enable developers to simply integrate with that same worksuite. But that’s not all.

The firm is also busy with the launch of its own creator program. This is where some of the biggest names in the designer world can put their templates up for sale, alongside images and designs for the app’s users. But there was no exact amount delineated in terms of how much revenue would be shared between Canva and its respective creators.

In 2021, we saw the app do brilliantly to hold its ground and raise revenue. On average, we’re talking figures as high as $200 million. And when the world is going through economic uncertainty now, the company’s founder has high hopes it can pull through and move ahead.

Canva revealed recently how it gives full credit for its success to the country’s tech ecosystem. And to see it being ten miles away from Silicon Valley is a breath of fresh air.

The company was built from scratch, and many thought the startup venture wouldn’t do good. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

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