Twitter’s New Guide Is Aimed To Help Businesses And Professionals Shine

Twitter has recently launched a guide to help marketers navigate the platform better.

This little guide includes key pointers, stats, and tips, along with insights that will help businesses grow. It starts by telling why to use Twitter for your brand and how Twitter works in terms of engagement.

According to this guide, Twitter is an important platform as it helps people stay informed, experiment with brand tone, and expose your brand to new audiences. It also doesn’t charge for business promotions, is a conversation starter, and helps people discover new diverse content.

Our favorite has to be the checklist for new business owners opting for Twitter. The list is pretty basic, like converting your profile to a business one, or how to make a good impression. Again, it's for those who are starting so we cannot expect much.

The tips and pointers even include what exactly should be tweeted to expand your reach. Some of them include:
  • To-the-point messages in tweets
  • Use 1-2 relevant hashtags with capital first words
  • Include links ( only relevant ones)
  • Use colorful visuals and graphics to draw attention
  • Don’t use hashtags along with links, they’ll drive the focus away from the links
Twitter even included who and who not to follow in its guidebook. Some of the accounts that might prove to be beneficial to follow include customer accounts, stakeholders, leaders, and brand partners. It is also essential to follow names that inspire your business.

Lastly, the guide had ways to measure success. These ways are pretty basic and if you’ve been on Twitter for some while with your business, you might know them already. For those who don’t, these include how to measure community growth, how to measure brand awareness, and how to know how much you’re connecting with what’s happening.

Now, why is this essential for those who have already been on Twitter for some while? Twitter claims this guide is for starters however it might also prove to be beneficial for those already in the game. They can either check all the basics or use this as a base for a new strategy. When looking at it from this angle, it might turn out to be beneficial for old users as well. Take a look at below graphics for more insights:
Whether you're new or old, let us know if this is of any help!

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