Apple’s Hardware Subscription Service Rumored To Launch By This Year’s End

It has only been days since we last heard about the new iPhone 14 series launch. And as pre-orders are in swing, deliveries are rumored to go till October. But there was definitely one thing that we felt was missing when the announcement of the new device was made.

There was little to no mention of the company’s hardware subscription service. This is designed to incorporate both Apple One with a number of other goods such as the iPad and iPhone.

Thanks to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, we’ve got some news on how we could soon be expecting to see the launch just before the year’s end. And that’s great because we first heard about it in the month of March this year.

It was an initiative that had been described to be one that would certainly tie in well with the bundles from Apple One and even the line of AppleCare. In case you didn’t know, both of these projects do exist independently from one another.

Thankfully, whenever you make a purchase of an iPhone device via the company’s Upgrade Program, they do reward you with AppleCare.

But as Gurman pointed out, there are some facts that you need to be aware of. For instance, this program is very different from a regular installment one. And by that we mean it doesn't put on offer monthly charges that come at the price of the phone that’s split into a year or two. Instead, you’re going to be witnessing charges that aren’t even disclosed yet. While it’s a monthly fee, it will depend on the device being utilized by the user.

Similarly, Gurman spoke about how Apple was in discussions about how it would allow users of this program to switch older devices for newer ones, whenever a fresh release of hardware comes out in the market. This is usually a trend we see take place on a yearly basis.

As of now, the latest update is how the Cupertino company is currently testing this feature. And if not by this year’s end, then the following year for sure.

If you’re wondering why the leading iPhone maker failed to delineate more details about the launch at its recent iPhone event, well, the answer is simple. They just wished to tone down the complexity associated with the launch of the new iPhone 14 series.

We could be seeing a discussion about it at next month’s event whose main focus is on both iPads and even Macs. It’s perfect timing, considering the holiday season is upon us.

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