The List For The Most Downloaded And Highest Earning Apps In August 2022 Is Out And Here Are The Results

The list of the most downloaded and highest-earning apps in August 2022 is out. And while some stats stayed the same, there were quite a few noticeable changes too. Let's look at downloads first.

App Intelligence firm AppFigures managed to crunch the numbers and set out a rankings list. And it was the popular app BeReal that did shine. It wasn’t the most popular app, but figures shed light on its growing popularity.

On the other hand, it was TikTok that reigned supreme again, and we weren’t surprised one bit as it overtook archrival Instagram for the second time. The latter is busy trying to copy BeReal so that’s a rather interesting fact. But it might be doing some good as nearly 57 million downloads had been recorded for this month only.

The Most Downloaded Apps in August

BeReal has been crowned the top application in Apple’s App Store for the past month. But this time around, it stands at number 8, getting around 10 million more downloads in August for the App Store only. We failed to notice the same popularity across Google’s Play Store though.

Another striking change was the entry of a new QR scanner app that many claim to be unknown. It snuck into the list for Google’s Play Store’s top 10.

The reason why we’re calling the entry interesting is that most Android devices have the native capability of deciphering QR codes. Hence, the fact that the app is being used is definitely interesting, don’t you think?

When you combine the list, you’ll see the common icons of apps from Meta, Google, and TikTok arise so no surprises there. So it’s more or less like a repeat of what we witnessed in July. As a whole, the figures came out to be 348 million in terms of new users being added across various apps and that’s a tad bit lower than what we saw in July.

Moving on to the apps that earned the most in the US in August, there were some noticeable changes. Here is where App Intelligence broke some good news and some bad ones too.

Let’s start with the good. As a whole, more revenue was generated but the shocking part is how the list is more or less a complete replica of last month.

Tinder thankfully wasn’t the app that made the most revenue this time. Instead, HBO Max clinched the top position with almost $51 million of the total revenue this month through both stores. So that is probably the only major change that was noticed.

The top 5 included the usual likes of YouTube and Tinder, closely followed by TikTok and Bumble. All of these social media giants managed to earn more this month than they did in the previous one but nothing was a major change.

It was definitely shocking and interesting to see LinkedIn continue to hold on and go strong, making the list at number 10 again! We also saw Disney+ make the list but enter the top 5, despite being a major archrival for HBO Max.

As a whole, the apps generated $323 million, just slightly higher than July.

HBO Max Breaks Ahead of Disney+ – The Highest Earning Apps in August

H/T: AppFigures.

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