Apple Secretly Pushes Back Release Date For Its iCloud Shared Photo Library

The countdown for the iOS 16 from Apple has begun and while we may be just days away, there appears to be more and more news about how things are being pushed in a different direction altogether.

The iOS 16 will soon be making its way out on September 12 but the iCloud-shared Photo Library won’t be released at that time. And that’s because the firm has decided to scale back its release date.

As of now, the leading iPhone company has failed to comment on the delay that’s going to be taking center stage. It has only quietly managed to alter its webpage in a manner that makes it appear to viewers that it’s a coming soon venture. But when is another ballgame altogether?

We’ve learned about the news thanks to media outlet AppleInsider who were the first ones to break the news.

For those who are still confused about what the iCloud Shared Library is in the first place, well, it’s a great setting where friends and family members unite and interact with each other. Moreover, each group can have a maximum of five members and every member may put up pictures and videos of their liking.

Every member has the feasibility to select the content they like and add them as a part of their default setting too, starting with any particular date. This makes the entire process linked to sharing a very seamless procedure and that makes you never second guess why a particular image or video was sent out to those nearest and dearest.

Similarly, every person with this feature will be entitled to a series of rights regarding the images and video content. They may add, remove, edit, and so on and so forth to their heart’s content.

For many, the sudden delay is definitely a surprising feature but if you ask us, we’re not shocked one bit. After all, this is certainly not the first thing that the firm based in California has delayed in 2022.

For instance, iOS 16 may be launched on Monday but the iPadOS 16 doesn’t come out until later. Moreover, the tech giant may have outlined the delay but there’s still no justification provided and no date for the launch.

So many sources are being seen as pointing out a release next month and there’s supposedly going to be an iPad event held during the same period as well.

But despite all this, you’ll still have a lot to look forward to on Monday’s iOS 16 launch. Yes, the iCloud shared library isn’t there but there are a lot more features worth a glance at. For instance, you’ll have a new locked screen, updated message features, different focus enhancements, and a lot more. Hence, you definitely should stay tuned and not miss out.

Meanwhile, for those who really wish to gain something that’s a little more new, well, ordering your iPhone device well ahead of time is the trick. All of the preorders will begin today and the actual phones get released on the 16th of this month.

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