Steve Job’s Daughter mourning Dad’s death by posting mock-up memes on iPhone 14?

Steve Job's daughter, Eve Jobs, posted a meme on Instagram earlier this week that mocked the new iPhone model, stating that it is the same as the previous model. iPhone 14 was introduced during Apple's Far Out event, after which the meme was posted. Since it is the cofounder's daughter who posted it, we cannot help but wonder if iPhone 14 isn't any different than iPhone 13.

To understand how the meme reflected the message, let's elaborate on the meme. It consisted of a man holding the same shirt as he was wearing. A text on top of it stated, 'me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 today after Apple's announcement'. There weren't any hidden messages or comments, and the message itself was quite clear.

Meme: Upgrading from Apple iPhone 13 to iPhone 14

When the Spokesperson from Apple was asked to comment on the issue, there was nothing as a response but only silence.

Could we blame the recklessness on the fact that she is the youngest of the four Jobs kids? But then we also have to consider that she is an accomplished equestrian and Standford University graduate. This means this was a pretty thoughtful move.

Another explanation is her personality. She is described in one of Steve Job's biography, Walter Isaacson, the author, describes her as a strong-willed, funny firecracker. Perhaps this is her way of igniting a spark with the firecracker persona she is known for. Isaacson also commented on how it won't be surprising to see her running Apple one day or maybe as the president of the USA.

The meme also made quite the impact since Jobs usually posts about her modeling career or equestrian wins. However, this time around, she took a jab at her late father's company. This was a blow since Apple had degraded its innovation and creativity ever since Steve Jobs left it. It is now said to be a company that only knows how to exploit its faithful customers.

When comparing both the series ourselves, we can see how most of the features are indeed the same. However, the 14 series have powerful cameras and a faster working internal chip. Apart from that, we do not spot much of a difference.

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