Apple is looking to hire almost 4 times the number of people on its ads team, as compared to 2020 data

Ads, although an annoying experience for a majority of us, are a major source of revenue for many companies whether it is as big as Google or as small as a newly minted startup. Now, Apple, one of the largest technology companies with millions of people using its products throughout the world, is being highlighted for making a U-turn just so that they can get money from Google and Facebook. According to reports Apple has even been accused of Machiavellian-level plotting to achieve the same.

The latest report has stated that Apple has quadrupled its ad hires in just these past couple of years and it has also been predicted that the company’s revenue from ads could be worth 30 billion dollars by 2026.

However, for a bit of background on the situation, it should be noted that Apple has never turned away from ads. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, believed that in-app ads were a win-win for both the parties, the consumers and the developers, because it enables them to make money from completely free apps.

But, there is one specific point generating revenue from ads has never been a priority for the company. So when Steve Jobs was in charge, Apple only made a few hundred million dollars a year from ads. Now, however, the value has been estimated to reach over 5 billion dollars and is growing quickly.

According to a Financial Times report, Apple planned to almost double the number of people in its digital advertising business in less than 18 months by introducing unbelievable and ground-pulling new privacy changes in the policy that stumbled almost all of its bigger rivals.

The tech giant has nearly 250 people on its ads team, as revealed by LinkedIn data. And if we refer to Apple’s official careers website then it is looking for people to fill in the further 216 vacant spots available on the team. That is almost 4 times the 56 people it was looking to hire back in 2020, but Apple has denied these figures and has refused to elaborate on this topic.

Now, if we look at the bright side of things, this means that many people will be given job opportunities and many apps will have at least some place to advertise properly.

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