Android Now Experiments To Support More Definitively Labeled Chrome Custom Tabs (CTT)

Chrome introduced a browser feature that was widely recognized as the Chrome Custom Tabs (CTT) feature. Luckily, many major browsers on Android are now supporting this feature.

You must have observed “Powered by Chrome" written under the three dots in Chrome 104 or previous versions. However, in the recent version of Chrome 105, “Running in Chrome" is released. This text is from Chrome Custom Tabs (CTT) alongside a new logo. The new logo is now surprisingly a full-colored symbol. While many people believed that the monochrome symbol was not so distracting as compared to the new one.

The Chrome Custom Tabs (CTT) that are now being supported by several major browsers on Android, provide more authority to the users over their overall web experience. Moreover, it also allows the app to personalize the looks and feels of the browser as per the liking of the user. The Chrome Custom Tabs (CTT) allows the app to alter things such as the color of the toolbar, insert custom actions in the toolbar of the browser, and insert entering and exiting animations.

The text “Running in Chrome” will now be visible in all the applications that are supporting the Chrome Custom Tabs. On a serious notice, it is comparatively way more user-friendly than the previous versions of chrome.

From Twitter, several third-party applications are also looking forward to supporting Chrome Custom Tabs (CTT). However, surprisingly, Instagram is resistant to supporting this new feature.

Google app was experimenting with its built-in browsers for the search results as well as the Discover feed for a very long time. However, the Chrome 105 version is still not yet widely introduced but it will be widespread throughout the world within a couple of months hopefully.

H/T: 9to5G

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