WhatsApp has come up with a new feature that will block screenshots for privacy reasons

When the Covid-19 pandemic started 3 years ago it forced many people to go into lockdown in whatever country they were in. Some people were traveling or some were in other countries studying, and because of the pandemic they could be with their families either, that’s where WhatsApp comes in.

WhatsApp is an app that is made for socializing with chats, voice calls, and video calls for free, all you need is a stable internet or data connection. This helped a lot of people stay connected to their family, friends and loved ones.

Now, every app requires an update once in a while to introduce new features and to stay on the top with all the advancements in tech being done these days. And WhatsApp is no exception to this as it has made some very interesting updates in this past week.

The first update revolves around a very sensitive topic and that is Privacy while on the internet. Now, online privacy is everybody’s priority and is also a huge priority with apps like WhatsApp. In the past, WhatsApp rolled out a few new updates that allowed users to manage their online presence and privacy more effectively while on the app.

One of those two updates included the ability to exit groups without notifying anyone except the group admin(s), however, users would be able to see who left in the past participants’ tab as well.

Back in August of last year, WhatsApp came out with the feature called view once. This feature allowed users to send pictures, videos, and any other type of media that could only be viewed once. However, the texting Giant company forgot the fact that people could save media on their phone just by taking a screenshot while it was playing. So, in other words, WhatsApp forgot that people could take screenshots and as a result did not include a screenshot blocker, rendering the whole feature useless.

But, the good news is that WhatsApp is finally coming up with a screenshot blocker that will prevent users from taking a screenshot of any media that would be set to view once only. This was part of Meta’s new trilogy of privacy features that included the option to set who can see if you are active among the two mentioned above.

Another update is that while some very lucky beta users got the ability to be able to react to other people’s statuses with emojis, they also started experiencing some problems with their visuals while on or placing Audio calls. Luckily this bug has been fixed now, but it is only being fixed in the newer version of WhatsApp beta aka the WhatsApp beta for Android v2.22.18.4.

The users who were experiencing these issues said that they couldn’t see the profile photo of the person they were talking to nor the duration of the call.

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