New WhatsApp Features Are Just A Few Weeks Away To Become A Part Of This App

WhatsApp is introducing its new features and users are going to love them. The first feature is the deletion of messages. This feature is not new but now WhatsApp is giving its users 48 hours to delete a message. That means the users can delete a message that they send within 48 hours. Although this feature is not new, initially the duration for deleting a message was less. This duration used to frustrate the users to no end but now Whatsapp has listened to the user's demands and is now introducing a feature that will be a favorite.

This deletion feature was just available for one hour but now you can use it for up to 2 days. Using it is very easy too. You just have to hold onto the message you want to delete. An option will come on your screen. You have to tap on 'Delete for everyone and the message will be deleted if only less than 48 hours have passed after you have sent that message.

If you do not have this feature, you have to check if you are using the latest version of Whatsapp. If not, then you can update your app by going to the app store.

Another feature that is under development is the communities tab on the desktop, as spotted by Wabetainfo. WhatsApp Beta for Android is all set to release this feature after it announced hiding phone numbers in Whatsapp communities. WhatsApp has not shared many details about this feature but what we can know is that a communities tab will be available on the desktop of the WhatsApp app, along with the tabs for status, new messages, and calls. You will also have a search header at the top of the desktop. This new feature will change the whole layout of the WhatsApp desktop and make it brand new.

We do not know when this feature will be up for public use. Only WhatsApp beta testers have a hold on this feature. But whenever this feature is ready to use, we know that it is going to bring a nice change to the app.

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