Google Search has rolled out a new feature that will let users see images in split screen

Google is one of the richest companies in the world and the Google search engine is everybody’s favorite search engine. Now, every app needs updates to stay on top of things and to help its users get their best experience while using the app.

Google was testing one such update called their web search feature for the picture pack that keeps you in the web search when you click on a particular image. And now we think that this feature is completely online for users to get the best of.

Shay Harel who is from RankRangers noticed this feature first and then uploaded it on Twitter stating that this feature has come fully live, and we can confirm. Right now it looks like this feature is fully available on every browser that can support Google.

Now, when we search for an image and an image search box shows up, we click on the image we like. In the previous version, after clicking on the image we are directed to a new tab with that image. But after this update, the user is not directed to a new tab, instead, the image overlaps the search bar and allows you to stay on the same tab and do your work from there.

According to screenshot, when you click on a specific image it lets you stay in the search tab where all the related articles are using a split screen that lets you browse articles and images at the same time while also getting work done.

This is a very good feature that will help users save their time, tabs, and their screen space. It will let users be more efficient and quick in their work as well.

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