Google Shows Signs For Rapid Growth While Being Committed To Open-Source Software

The link between OSS and tech giants is one that has become a norm for obvious reasons. And in case you may have some doubts, new research has even gone on to prove how leading names in the tech industry have more than doubled their contributions to GitHub.

The news comes to us thanks to research giant Aiven who highlighted Google as the main driving force of the industry adopting open source software. Monthly commitments have been boosted by 21% YoY, when comparing the past with July 2022.

Google has even managed to surpass the likes of Microsoft as highlighted in the report by the research giant with the number of GitHub contributions being the greatest observed in the past three years.

We’re talking about an average of 4643 contributors but that’s not all. The search engine giant is also predicted to rise above Microsoft in terms of its monthly commitments in the next half of this year.

When we see other big names in the industry, Amazon may be growing at a fast pace but it’s still well behind Google. The latter is making use of C++ and Java. Meanwhile, C. Amazon is known for utilizing Java, Python, and TypeScript too.

On the other hand, Microsoft is known to use one of its own programming languages such as Powershell & C#, with around 33% of coders using any one of the two.

As a whole, the total number of contributions made to GitHub has exceeded expectations to such a degree that has even analysts shocked. Remember, we went from about 2700 in 2016 to nearly 10,600 in 2022. And that’s a huge leap.

The co-founder that’s carrying out the firm’s research has spoken about how hyper scalers appear to be the ones making the most contributions to these open sources which are actually good sources of news.

He feels such initiatives are a great start as the community needs the best commitment from open source software through the likes of big firms. This helps to make sure the best projects are conserved while limiting the risks associated with vulnerabilities. He also adds how this is a much better clear, secure, and safe way to write code.

As a whole, there are many hopes attached to this research. And by that, we mean extracting the most positive outlook in terms of software that’s open source. After all, only when large firms clear the path for small-scale entities can we expect change and innovation to follow.


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