Twitter Steps Up Efforts To Fight Misinformation Spread Online Before US Midterm Elections

Twitter is on a new mission with clear targets being outlined ahead of the upcoming midterm elections in the US, scheduled to take place this November.

The social networking platform is known to be quite famous for people to voice their political opinions and turn up the heat. But this year, things are going to be a little different or we at least hope they will.

The platform has decided to really take things to the next level in terms of preventing the spread of misinformation online. This includes the app working hard to revive several features used to promote only the most factual arguments and stories related to the elections in November.

Twitter says it really hopes to decelerate misleading posts, announcing the move through a recently published blog post.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard of so many critics, experts, and civil rights officers accusing the popular social networking platform of allowing abuse to occur under their noses. This includes the notion related to how the current American President failed to win the election run of 2020.

Now, the app claims to be making use of a new policy that it hopes can maintain civic integrity that came about in 2018. This will be applied for the elections that begin on November 8 of this year, where it was revealed how the 435 seats in the country’s House of Representatives are up for grabs. This includes a further 100 remaining empty across the country’s Senate too, which are at stake.

The new policy will reportedly prevent users of the app from putting up content that many call misleading or false. This is usually done to prevent people from casting their votes. It also is done to underestimate voters’ confidence during election campaigns such as the spread of false information so that it can impact the elections’ results.

In case you’ve forgotten, Twitter really made headlines in the year 2020 when it chose to suspect Donald Trump’s account on the app. The reason provided was the great risk linked to a further spread of violence, just a few moments after the ex-President’s supporters ambushed the country’s capital and carried on violent riots on January 6 of the year 2021.

Twitter is already in the public eye after it launched a recent lawsuit against Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk for failing to move ahead with its $44 billion acquisition deal. Now, the firm from San Francisco says it is carrying out several trials to try and see how it can prevent false Tweets from taking center stage and getting recommended to its users on the app via alerts and notifications.

As of now, the current number of tests and experiments that have been carried out by the platform proves how the number of views for misleading posts has dropped by nearly 1.5 million this month.

So as you can see, the efforts to fight misinformation by the company are plenty as it inches closer to the election days, making sure all falsehoods are debunked when the time arrives.

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