Ex-Twitter Employee Convicted Of Spying On Behalf Of Saudi Arabia

A former employee belonging to the micro-blogging platform Twitter has recently been convicted for spying on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

The employee was identified as Ahmad Abouammo who will now face up to 20 years behind bars for carrying out the criminal offense.

The news was recently announced by the Justice Department which detailed how a number of top officials from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had managed to convince the former employee and another one of his partners to make use of their exclusive credentials and carry out the illegal activity.

They were asked to get access without receiving any form of authorization to grab a hold of private information related to certain individuals, who hosted a number of accounts on the app.

For those who aren’t aware, the platform can be used to provide information that certain oppressors don’t necessarily wish to make public. Therefore, those who tend to share such details manage to carry out the act with the help of pseudonymous accounts. This way, their activity is guarded, their details aren’t leaked, and information about loved ones is also kept private.

However, the only catch here is that their identity must remain private at all times.

In this case, the plan didn’t go down too well as Saudi Arabia managed to snoop in on the private information of such account holders which included the likes of email IDs, IP addresses, and even birthdates of those that had carried out activity on the app that the country’s Royals called critical for their regime.

The Justice Department confirms how Abouammo is now guilty of the act of serving as the Kingdom’s agent, carrying out conspiracy, and even being involved in various frauds and money laundering cases, not to mention putting out false records. This was recently confirmed by Bloomberg who claims he could now be forced to serve between 10 to 20 years behind bars.

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