Twitter May Have Been Through A Lot But Its In-App Revenue For July Did Better Than Expected

We all know about the drama related to Twitter and Elon Musk that is known to affect the platform in more ways than one.

Twitter certainly went through a rollercoaster of experiences in July when the world’s richest person decided to back out on a $44 billion acquisition deal that he put so much effort into securing. On that note, Twitter has dragged the Tesla and SpaceX CEO to court.

But despite all of its woes and worries seen over time, Twitter actually didn’t do too bad in terms of its in-app revenue last month. To say the least, it actually outdid people’s expectations of the app.

While many expected July to be one of the worst months for Twitter, considering all the drama that occurred, well, it wasn’t. The in-app revenue didn’t fall, contrary to many beliefs. In fact, it actually rose from that observed in the previous month.

Twitter managed to make a net revenue worth $462,000 from all of its Android and iOS applications for July. Yes, we know what you’re thinking. That is just a little higher than what we saw in June, which was about $439K. But remember one thing, we’re talking about net revenue in this case and that is what is left after cuts have been allotted to both Apple and Google.

While the increment may be tiny but when you look at the bigger picture, it’s actually larger than what we saw during the period between May to June. Remember, many tech analysts felt that the tide was just not in favor of Twitter after it made a marginal increase in June of this year. But it’s safe to say, the app really pulled through with a bang, proving that it still has what it takes to grow.

Also, the revenue for the app in general since the year’s start has also doubled. So that’s another sign that the platform isn’t planning on giving up anytime soon.


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