TikTok Crowned Most Downloaded App In July While Tinder Secures Top Spot For Highest Earnings

It’s time for the news that many app enthusiasts have been waiting for. The list for the most popular apps and those that secured the highest earnings is finally out and we can’t wait to share the findings from Appfigures with you.

For starters, the popular short video platform TikTok regained the top spot for the most downloaded app globally in July. And while there were a few notable changes from June’s rankings, the biggest one was related to how so many apps on the list received more downloads than those seen last month.

TikTok managed to include a striking addition of 61 million users to its platform, as was seen through downloads in both the Google Play Store and App Store.

Thankfully, Instagram made the right decision to revert back to its old self and not pull through with its mega changes. And that’s why it did manage to steal the second position, beating out plenty of its counterparts.

But we definitely see TikTok beating out Instagram as a huge win for the app because despite being banned in India, which happens to be Instagram’s largest market, it still pulled through to the top. And if that isn’t a huge success for the platform then we’re not quite sure what is.

People are definitely loving short-form videos and that’s clearly seen with the way TikTok is winning at its own game as many predict it to take the lead in August as well.

To finish up the rankings for the top five apps, the usual archrivals pulled through including Facebook, WhatsApp, and good old Snapchat. This was a replica of what we observed in June.

Similarly, the rankings for the bottom five are also the same, the only exception being Google Sheets.

The famous Google app managed to get plenty of downloads this last month, enabling it to take the 8th position on the list with a whopping 22 million downloads in July. This does make sense as most of the world tends to travel during this period of summer. And as you can expect, productivity for useful tools is bound to grow too.

So, if Google Sheets came in, who went out? Well, it was SHEIN who just couldn’t cut it in July and failed to manage a top ten position with WhatsApp business beating it out to take the final spot.

As a whole, the world’s top ten most popular apps that were downloaded in July managed to reach nearly 358 million smart devices. And that is a mini increase from that observed in June of this year. Still, it’s better than a decrease so that’s always a plus point.

Moving on to apps that made the highest earnings in the US in July, well, the list is nearly a replica of June. And we aren’t surprised one bit!

Tinder turned out to be the app with the most earnings last month, bringing in a staggering $48 million as far as net revenue is concerned. The popular dating platform knocked out HBO Max from the lead, which trailed behind in second place with a net revenue worth $47 million.

The top 5 list from Appfigures was completed with the likes of YouTube and TikTok, with Bumble cinching the 5th position. It’s interesting to note how all of these apps, other than TikTok made higher earnings in July when compared to their previous stats of June.

We must add that while TikTok is rising in popularity, its revenue is decelerating but still, we do consider it to be massive in terms of figures.

The bottom five of the list were completed with apps such as Disney+ that came in at the sixth position while it was LinkedIn that barely missed out, marking its presence at number 10.

As a whole, the total revenue of these 10 apps came out to be $307 million, as compared to June’s $299 million.

We do expect to see these earning figures for apps rise in the month of September again. And that's simply because kids will be going back to school while for adults, it's back to the office and the return of normal routines.

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