Microsoft’s Bing Updates Shopping Search Results With Annotations That Keep Users Informed And Help Save Money

We believe there’s absolutely nothing better than being informed of options and receiving great discounts while shopping online.

And that’s probably one good reason why Microsoft’s Bing is bringing forward an array of changes that are sure to keep a smile on shoppers’ faces.

The company has unveiled a new set of annotations that are designed to better users’ results when they’re shopping. And this includes the addition of coupon codes that spread across different retailers’ web pages.

This way, users can get rid of all their fears related to missing out on huge shopping opportunities because you’re always going to be informed this way.

Bing will certainly alert you directly through your SERPS whenever there’s an active discount or coupon available.

The news was recently announced by tech giant Microsoft through a blog post. Here is where they spoke about no more fears of overlooking your favorite bargains because if you choose to shop online, you’ll be notified immediately.

These new annotations will be seen in a neat and clean manner, tucked away safely in the search results. And the best bit is that you don’t even require any form of browser extension or added plugin.

To avail, users need to simply press the annotation, press Copy & Go, and then simply carry on as you would in your shopping world. Hence, when you’re done and ready for checkout, you’ll find the coupon pop-up automatically.

For now, the feature is up for grabs for users located in Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the US, and France.

Meanwhile, the company also unveiled a few other updates for annotations that are already seen on the app. This includes an expansion to labels related to ethical choice so users are well aware of what’s eco-friendly, fair trade, and products that have been upcycled too.

Microsoft shed light on the matter, claiming that the focus was to highlight goods from brands whose main selling points were love for the people, the animals, and the planet as a whole.

The company also took this time to remind its online shoppers how it also made another change to annotations by adding price history to searches on Bing too.

This will enable users to figure out whether or not making a purchase at this particular moment in time is actually wise or not. To put it simply, it doesn’t want you to be paying extra than it feels you should for a certain product.

In times of inflation like these, we can only imagine how people are going to love Bing for introducing such changes.

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