Google’s Updated Distribution Numbers Reveal Android 12 Is Running On 13.3% Of Devices

The start of August saw Google coming forward and unveiling its distribution numbers for Android. And according to the latest statistics, Android 12 is currently running on 13.3% of devices, just ahead of the new launch of version 13.

But right before the update came in front of us all on August 4, Google was last seen providing us a glance of the figures on May 9, of last year. At that time, we didn’t have Android 12 listed as a part of the distribution numbers. Now, we’re seeing the current inclusion arise, even before we’ve got news of the launch of Android 13.

But during that month, we observed how Android 12 and any version above stood at 6.6%. However, it wasn’t listed in an explicit manner across the Android Studio.

Thanks to 9to5Google, we’re getting an up-close and personal view of how Google presented the numbers on a monthly basis. And the representation was definitely spot on as the same data was utilized here.

In May, the chart revealed 93.3% and the rest was based on the assumption that it belonged to Android 12 but that’s still unclear. But another confusion lies with how Google didn’t clearly note down Android 12, around three months back.

Using that simple logic, the total entries in this particular pie chart is around 99% but the rest of the 2% may be related to Android 12L. In case you didn’t know, that has a totally different API level, thanks to the tablet with foldable features. But most of it has to do with devices produced by Google, including the Pixel 3a and newer versions.

At the moment, Android 11 can be seen at 27%, increasing from figures of 23% in May. And today, this version is the most utilized by users around the world. Next in line comes Android 10 with 22% and after this is Android 9 pie. This currently stands at 14.5%. Despite being four years old, it’s still proving to be tough competition against other more stable variants.

The methodology used to get these results by Google may not have changed over the years. It is the same data that gets released each month, taken from all Android devices that got access to the Google Play Store. And the fact that it’s standing true to the same method for data collection is really applaudable.

Google isn’t offering updates on this data through its official web pages so if you want to witness it, you can go to the Android Studio.

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