Twitter Is Allowing PAC-12 Athletes To Monetize Their Gameplay Via Posting Replays On The Platform

Twitter’s launching a new project via which PAC-12 athletes can get paid through videos of their performances being replayed on the platform.

Looking at the US and its policies from any angle is just so tiring to me. We have unnecessary waves of individuals arguing against free healthcare, even as mere ambulance rides and trips to the ER cost hundreds over hundreds of dollars. People are actively stopping safe abortions dead in their tracks, even hindering medically required ones because of their personal beliefs. And then, there’s the USA’s obsession with college sports, which I for the life of me cannot wrap my head around.

For context, as an Asian individual, I’m more than familiar with fanaticism over sports. We idolize cricketers over here like they’re the solution to all our problems. However, even then, we don’t spend an insane amount of time watching school-going children play sports, we don’t pay to go to such events, and we certainly don’t encourage such players to be paid absolutely nothing.

Here’s the thing: if divisional collegiate sports weren’t as profitable as they currently are, I’d maybe even understand athletes not being paid. After all, many such individuals do get sports-based scholarships and even full rides to universities of their choice. Regardless, when coaches for such college sports are being paid in the millions, and ad revenue being generated is similarly so per university, it feels like the kids are being severely short-changed.

And yes, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that the individuals are very much kids, at best in their mid-20s. But yeah, what’s a little bit of head trauma and life-debilitating CTE amongst a few youngsters playing rugby (or American football, whichever one it is)? The University of Utah raked in approximately USD 51 million in the 2020-2021 PAC-12 Conference, but students still have to pay thousands for their textbooks.

It’s even more ridiculous that Twitter of all platforms is offering athletes an opportunity to monetize themselves. Congratulations: the text-based platform is letting players make money off of video replays. At any rate, PAC 12 athletes will have to post the replays on their accounts, which will automatically trigger a monetization mechanism within them. Then, with every view that drops by, such individuals will earn their money. Of course, universities could have easily put their heads together and figured out a monetization system, but they were probably too busy barring teachers from crowdfunding basic classroom appliances.

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