The Robotics Industry Is Making A Ton Of Profit, As Data From Counterpoint Establishes

The robotics industry continues to gain commercial appeal, as the consumer service robots marketplace sees a year-over-year increase of 25% between 2021 and 2022.

Counterpoint’s latest research involves collecting data from multiple sources to present relatively concrete sales figures for household robotics, and accordingly gauge how much more successful they’ve been as compared to their past, if so. Naturally, the answer ended up being a notable amount, as we get almost exponentially comfortable with technology every passing year. Robotics is a particular field of study that enjoys this very attention; far from being the novel 80’s concept, the field of science is now actively employed in commercial ventures geared around making everyday life easier.

The Roomba’s a fantastic example of such technological progress: we just have a random vacuuming pancake running around the house, cleaning stuff up. I’d also love to dive into Roombas specifically as an example of just how easily humans form parasocial relationships with literally anything. Not to dive into an unrelated tangent, but I feel like the formation of such relationships, where we post on social media about how the Roomba’s “scared of thunder” allows us to become generally more accepting of the introduction of further technology into our homes.

Speaking of Roombas, house cleaning robotic items are currently the most shipped products in the commercial tech field, owning 68.4% of the marketplace. 31.2% of robotic tech products sold were for educational and personal use, with hospitality, logistics, and healthcare-oriented robotic tech collectively making up the remaining 0.4%. Honestly, healthcare is a particularly difficult field to achieve robotic excellence in, considering how much human intervention is required regardless. The hospitality one is just worded out to seem incredibly sad, with little thought given to the fact that personal tech robots can often contribute to a hospitable environment as well. Finally, logistics…well, maybe it’s a genre that’s just boring enough to not be loved by anyone?

A major reason for profits increasing year over year by 25% can be attributed to the strides being made in AI. Technology is much more readily available nowadays, making the average product much more affordable in turn. Therefore, people can finally consider buying vacuums, or AI-helper gadgets similar to Alexa and whatnot. Counterpoint even states that the commercial robotics industry is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 27% across the 2021-2025 period.

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