Twitter Rolls Out A Location Spotlight Feature That Helps Users Find Businesses Easily

Life would be so much easier if apps would provide relevant location details for users when they’re on the run and in search of a particular business.

That’s exactly why social media app Twitter is launching a similar feature called Location Spotlight that manages to do just that and more for its users.

Think along the lines of a useful initiative where all you have to do is click on the business’s profile on the app and read crucial information that’s highlighted toward the top.

Businesses are being given the chance to add all sorts of details that they feel might be required for a user. This includes the likes of their address, what their store timings may be, and also directions with a link to Google Map as well. How convenient does that sound?

There’s also a user-friendly tap feature that enables you to stay in contact with the business through your phone or via the app’s direct messaging functionality.

The whole idea is to allow for things to run in a smooth flow while enabling users on the go to swiftly decide if they’d be able to walk to the store or take the subway line to get there.

Also, the best part is the store timings which really do save you from a lot of headache and effort, in case they happen to be non-operational on a particular day or time that you took out to visit them.

While we do believe it would be quicker to search for the business in question across your Google Map, one thing that most of us have learned over time is how everything you see on the internet isn’t always worth trusting as it can be incorrect. Yes, so many times information isn’t updated, or shall we say, rarely ever is.

The move is being looked upon as one that Twitter hopes to expand into a broad initiative.

Remember, so many enterprises have been forced to turn around and adjust their timings so they’re compliable with local rules and regulations that better protect their employees.

As it is, apps like Instagram and Twitter are usually go-to options for many in today’s time so why not add location features too and save users’ time along the way?

Businesses can directly link up with their clients through such platforms while other places like Google Maps or even Yelp provide firms with less control of what’s really going on.

Twitter introduced similar features last year but the launch was only designated for a selected few. But today, it’s getting rolled out for the masses around the globe who have international businesses that are affiliated with professional accounts across the app.

Twitter says the whole concept is a part of a huge business model that the organization has been working on for a while now. This includes the company’s Shop Module which enables a few selected brands to sell away their items on the app.

Other features include subscriptions for Revue newsletters, even a collaboration with Shopify, and shopping live streams too. But the app doesn’t plan on stopping there.

It’s got a series of other projects in the pipeline including expansion plans for professional accounts and even giving brands a feature that could allow them to follow up on their performance on the app.

The platform would soon like to begin its training sessions on how to better use the app so users and brands can benefit the most.

Lastly, if you do wish to add the new feature to your account today, just follow a few simple steps. Click on the edit tab on your profile but make sure it’s a professional account that would be mentioned on the tab.

Press on Profile Spotlight and then on the Location toggling button to enter your details. Lastly, publish and you’re done!

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