Mobile app usage now rises to more than 240 minutes per day, and Instagram leads as the most downloaded app

People from all walks of life turn to their cell phones throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and even after the lockdowns and restrictions have lifted all over the world, people are still spending a lot of time on their cell phones. As per a study by mobile app tracking platform DataAI, people are more indulged in their smartphones, spending approximately 4 to 5 straight hours in a single day.

This year, consumers' cell phone app consumption is rapidly escalating, and people in most markets are employing more than 4 hours per day on multiple applications. Considering the average daily time spent on applications differs geographically. Now there are almost thirteen markets where consumers are spending a lot of time using applications. The countries in the market list include Russia, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the United States, and so forth. Among these countries, Singapore, Brazil, and Indonesia report consumers' over five hours of smartphone app consumption.

Earlier in 2020, the app usage trend set to normal, which means the usage decreased a bit in the Q2, but it is important to mention here that, two years before when coronavirus drove app usage for users belonging to any age group or profession, people performed most of their tasks, be it shopping, banking, schooling, meetings, etc., on mobiles. Still, we see in the data that shows smartphone consumers who previously adopted new applications during the lockdowns are still used to that online behaviors despite the circumstances have returned to normal this year. Furthermore, some markets noticed a remarkable increase in app consumption in the previous two years. In Q2 of 2020, Singapore consumers were using apps for 4.1 hours, whereas now, the usage time has heightened to 5.7 hours. In addition, Australian users spend 4.9 hours on mobile applications compared to the previous, which was 3.6 hours. Both of these countries show a forty percent increase in time spent.

Additionally, markets other than these show a down growth pattern, including Canada at +20 percent, Indonesia at above 10 percent, the U.K at over 5 percent, and India, Japan, and the U.S at +5 percent, respectively. In comparison, several markets saw stagnant growth, for instance, Mexico with no change, Turkey and Argentina each at -5 percent. Here the point to be noted is that when COVID arrived, there was a lot more usage of mobile apps, but now the trends are gradually coming to before the COVID period.

Finally, the data from the mobile app tracking firm’s report also mentioned the most used applications and games for the Q2 of 2022, and the data shows that Meta-owned Instagram was the top app to be downloaded. While TikTok was ranked first by consumer time spent and as far as monthly active users are concerned, Facebook got No.1 place. Moreover, in the Q2 of 2022 Indian app, Meesho moved to number 8th place in the downloads category. In addition to it, Fill the Fridge, Pokemon GO, and Stumble Guys saw a massive boost in the gaming apps category. Take a look at below charts for more insights:
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