TikTok Is Experimenting With An Innovative ‘Nearby’ Content Feed Feature That Could Assist Brands

The popular social media app TikTok is currently experimenting with an innovative feature called ‘Nearby’.

The news comes as the functionality was being tested internally by the company with a few selected individuals. As you may already be aware, it comes in addition to the current ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ features for the app’s feed.

Thanks to one avid Twitter user who goes by the name Sofesashra, we got to see an image that spoke in detail about what the Nearby feature is all about and what users can expect from it.

Just as the name details, the features put content up for display that has been published by users present near to your current location.

This way, the app is allowed to showcase all relevant and timely updates for its users that can really spark up their interests.

TechCrunch was also seen providing their explanation of the feature, adding how helpful it can be for certain people searching for top cafes, restaurants, gyms, or places to swim in their vicinity.

Screenshot: Brendan Gahan
We feel this is going to be a mega consideration for brands because it can really help them get the traffic and audiences they need. And the fact that TikTok is reigning supreme currently, there are even some experts who feel it could soon hit the 1.5 billion user mark soon.

This only puts the platform behind leaders like Facebook and YouTube and we feel that since these apps are much older, TikTok should surely take a bow for excellent performance.

With the right type of feed, users will be getting access to everything they need and the app would benefit from great engagements. Moreover, as revealed by Google recently, around 40% of the younger generation are now busy referring to the app or Instagram instead of Google Maps for recommendations.

Hence, if that’s not what you call a mega promotional opportunity then we’re not quite sure what is!

If this is actually how it works, well the details for the feature are very limited for now. Also, the fact that it is done with such a small group of creators located in the South East Asian region means there is plenty more to explore before an actual launch.

At the same time, the app is also going to be adding an additional feature that gives users the option to tag their location on a particular post. But we are not sure if such a ‘Nearby’ feed would be included according to where the user is located currently or depending on the location tags.

Hence, there are a lot of questions that are still unanswered and TikTok appears to be confused too.

They have only mentioned that they’re very keen on finding new ways by which they can add value to a community and then go about enriching users' experience on TikTok.

What we’ve made of it so far is that it’s not only limited in design but also very experimental but can really turn into a major feature depending on where the app takes it next.

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