TikTok Introduces New Shopping Ads As Its Latest Push Into The World Of eCommerce

TikTok really wants to be known for its diversity. The app has already gained plenty of fame as a leading contender in the world of short video content. But now, it’s pushing harder in making its mark in eCommerce.

The news comes as the platform recently introduced an array of fresh shopping ads as a part of its latest integration. TikTok says the move is designed to assist brands in promoting products across the app.

TikTok recently published a statement in this regard. The company says ads for shopping are not only a viable and advanced option, but it’s also the ultimate solution to assist businesses to align with buyers along their purchasing journey.

This will not only generate greater demand but also boost sales, the company added.

TikTok likes to refer to it as a nice three-in-one solution using the best formats for both adoption and combination. They will entail ads for categories such as Video shopping, live shopping, and those related to catalog listing.

TikTok elaborated how the new formats will be accompanied by a focus on the product’s details seen across screens so goods are better highlighted to different viewers of the app.

We wouldn’t like to call the launch something that’s really new and exciting. After all, the same offering was being seen on the app’s Chinese version called Douyin.

For the latter, eCommerce has really turned out to be a profitable option and one of the firm’s leading sources of revenue generation. Remember, live shopping is a huge trend among those in China and we don’t see why it can’t be a hit in other parts of the world too.

With that being said, we’re yet to see the same boom and flair being adopted by Western audiences now. However, the app really hopes to make it big with such audiences too.

TikTok says assisting creators make the most of this great opportunity is one of its leading goals as it's working hard to find more ways through which it can generate revenue via the app. And that means a further expansion of TikTok’s entire business ecosystem.

We don’t see the same success of chances of success for the live shopping feature as even Meta has gotten rid of it due to poor demand in today’s market. But as far as the rest is concerned, it does have a lot of potentials.

TikTok itself says it is reassessing many of its own eCommerce plans in Europe after it failed to get the desired response. But that doesn’t mean it is giving up just yet.

It’s safe to say that the western market appears to be warier in taking advantage of such moves. Remember, most of the people out there today don’t see TikTok as a leader for online shopping. Instead, they perceive it more like an entertainment app.

TikTok hopes to change its audiences’ perception too because it's very keen on exploring different opportunities coming it's way. And helping brands get better reach with audiences seems to be a great place to begin.

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