Good News For Creators On YouTube As App Expands Access To Behavior Insights While Adding New Tools

Creators on YouTube can breathe a sigh of relief as the app has finally decided to throw a bone at small-scale channels. And by that, we mean providing more access to data related to ‘other content your audience watched’.

Just as the name sounds, the initiative was an exciting one that first came out on the platform in 2020. It is designed to give creators more access to insights such as viewing habits. Basically, creators are handed a list that features the type of content seen in the past week.

So how does this help? Well, we’re made aware of important trends and great interests that users have so this way, creators can make better strategies to target their audiences.

Until now, the feature was only limited to specific channels that held a particular traffic threshold. But what we have learned so far is that YouTube is actually getting rid of such parameters and providing creators with better access to data.

YouTube says that the decision has been made in the best interest of its content creators. They claim to have taken feedback from creators who expressed their frustrations over several matters and this happens to be one of them.

Many complained about certain features not being available to them as there wasn’t enough data. But now, the app is more than excited to announce that it’s no longer going to be the case with greater access. Hence, even if you don’t hit a particular threshold for data, you’ll still get to reap the benefits.

This is definitely one handy measure we feel as it encompasses a wide range of trends that helps to create the ultimate strategy to engage audiences.

That’s not all. The app is also in the mood of adding more to this feature like adding measures such as filtering done based on content type. Be it Shorts, Live, VOD, or more, you can filter your content by the different variants available.

This way, those who plan on making more Shorts will now gain direct insights on what’s trending so you can better alter or customize your strategy for a certain niche.

On the other hand, there is more news about the platform testing out a few other features related to community posts. Be it text filters or even stickers linked to channel updates, there’s a lot being introduced.

And if you think it’s very similar to what other apps are offering while posting, well, there’s no major surprise there. Remember, taking inspiration from leaders in the digital world has literally become a norm and everyone is guilty of doing it so why not Google?

Introducing elements such as these can really help in designing the best habitual behaviors from users and also assists in seeing how they best express their updates and more.

But we feel YouTube has added something a little more unique or shall we say colorful. This is related to customized stickers for the app that hint at some key features.

The company says that it is currently testing out the tools with a small group of creators that already have access to its Community Tab. For now, it’s solely limited to Android but it’s going to be arriving soon on iOS too.

Last but not least, we’re seeing the platform introduce an innovative means by which it can promote the engagement linked to Shorts better. This will be through the help of an innovative chip featured in mobile apps where users can only search within the different Shorts available.

The feature is up for grabs for both iOS and Android users and it will basically help in narrowing down searches so they’re restricted to Shorts only. The fact that over 75% of audiences only engage with the app’s Shorts, well, it’s definitely going to be a major option for those in search of particular DIY clips or a clip they can’t recall and are on the lookout for.

All in all, these are definitely some ideal changes that are designed keeping creators in mind. Hence, we certainly feel they’re going to be loved for obvious reasons.

H/T: Creator Insider / YouTube

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