TikTok Kicks Off Its Unique ‘Back To School’ Campaign As Concerns For Cyber Threats Deepen

We’ve got to give TikTok plenty of credit because they’ve really come a long way in terms of making sure the app is up to date with security and other concerns that users may have.

While we wouldn’t claim that the app is free from controversy, we’re giving it full points for thinking outside the box and going that extra mile.

During a time like today where the threats linked to cyber security are plenty, the popular app has launched its back-to-school campaign. And it’s designed to help different families understand the landscape of today’s digital world and how many users can stay safe from the threatening environment.

But this comes with some positive insights as well like how so many different types of opportunities can be explored in today’s fast pace world where users can earn jobs that come with great payscales.

According to recent stats, more than one billion people from all around the globe use the app to be entertained so they can learn, grow, and have fun too.

If you’re still not aware of the 'Learn with TikTok' hashtag, well, it’s really time to open those eyes and make the most of your time while using the app.

As far as this particular campaign is concerned, well, TikTok wants users to learn more tips and tricks for being cyber smart. The app knows how cyber criminals and cyber crimes are growing and there’s no better way to tackle the matter than to raise awareness.

TikTok says that criminals are being more sophisticated while making moves and using tools and that is what makes the threat so much more alarming.

The famous short video app says it’s also on a mission to bring forward more programs to help empower and educate users, putting great emphasis on revolutionizing how people see the theme of cyber today, compared to years ago.

TikTok adds that the generation of today is the future of tomorrow and since the majority of users belong to Gen Z, what better way to target the intended audience than this?

There is big talk about creating more job opportunities for those facing discrimination and even providing scholarships to those that need them the most. But the initiative is not something new.

We first saw it come into action last school season. That is when they first began providing safety and security tips throughout the summer. There was special emphasis on trending scams that people should be wary of. But now, they’ve certainly expanded the movement into something bigger and better.

TikTok says that graduates that have recently ended college or school may begin applying for jobs or scholarships that they feel best suit their interests right now.

Clearly, the app is thinking outside the box and doing something that has not been done before in the digital world. And with the introduction of free-of-cost insights, updates, and resources, we can really see this movement going places.

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