TikTok Highlights New Changes To Better Handle The Upcoming US Midterm Elections

The US midterms are coming up and all leading social media apps are doing their best to help prepare for the exclusive event.

And by that, we mean countering a wave of misinformation, disunity, anger, and sheer hate. It’s a tough time and previous experience has shown us how nasty things can get online when politics come into play.

Yesterday, we saw Meta doing the same, and today, it’s TikTok that has outlined its plans for the big event. This includes changes as well as tools to counteract so many people’s concerns.

Before, we usually didn’t think a short-form video format app would have much to do with politics. But with increasing fame and a user base comprising millions, the growing influence has really spread in the US.

As far as measures introduced for election security are concerned, there’s even an Election Center that’s dedicated to hosting major updates and plenty of information along the way. There will also be the subject of innovative labels taking center stage for those participating.

TikTok also hopes to provide its fans with more guidance regarding politically themed ads and other marketing campaigns.

For starters, the app has outlined a new Election Center. This is to assist in giving users trusted information regarding how the whole polling maneuver takes place.

TikTok recently mentioned in its statement how authoritative information is given priority on the app, adding steps taken to counter misinformation. That’s the idea behind the Elections Center, where millions are connected so they can engage with various content.

As of now, TikTok takes immense pride in sourcing information related to at least 45 languages, other than the usual English.

TikTok has since then published screenshots as examples of how it plans to provide information in the region regarding voting. Other than that, it will bring to light resources for voting for those hailing from special categories like the disabled, overseas, and those in the service industry.

All the relevant information gets sourced through proper channels to assist in maximizing the participation of voters. At the same time, the app hopes to align its metrics regarding poll results. This way, viewers are up to date with what’s going on, and that indirectly curbs misinformation spread too.

The latter has been a huge issue in the US, as was seen last year. Twitter was the app accused of making the biggest political lies viral. Disinformation of all kinds went public and there was really no check and balance as to who was putting what and why.

It is also believed that around 5,000 voters hailing from the Democratic parties ended up submitting votes via phone sources, as compared to physically reaching out to voting polls.

This is simply one sole example of the great lengths that political parties ended up going to limit the number of votes cast against their competitors. These groups put out high hopes that their measures would make the candidate of their preference win.

So as you can see, there’s a lot to prevent and social networking sites definitely play a huge role in giving out accurate information.

With the addition of an Election Center, TikTok is putting heavy reliance on giving out accurate facts via this means.

Any content related to the current 2022 election campaigns in the US will be specified with labels so people are aware of what to look for. The labels will directly lead users to the site of interest while popular hashtags would work in the same manner.

On the other hand, the app is busy promoting its great efforts linked to fact-checking. This is going to be a huge task but they’ve collaborated with the best partners for the ordeal. Hence, we can only hope for the best.

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