YouTube Launches Automated Watermarks For Shorts Content To Limit Reposts On Other Apps

While tech giants like Meta want you to repost Reels across both Facebook and Instagram for better engagement, YouTube seems to be opposed to the decision of sharing to other apps.

For this reason, the platform has launched an automated watermark system for Shorts clips. Hence, whether you like it or not, YouTube is going to be adding its label to limit people from reposting Shorts across different apps.

The company explained the decision via a public blog post that was released today. YouTube says creators getting their Shorts through the app’s YouTube Studio for resharing purposes would now be finding watermarks on the clips.

YouTube adds that it’s important for people to see that the content downloaded belongs to YouTube Shorts and no one else, which we feel is smart. After all, who doesn’t love some great cross-promotion right?

However, let’s not forget how different platforms are actually doing the opposite. They are penalizing clips that entail visible watermarks. That seems to be a move to stop users from cross-sharing short video format content between apps.

It’s also a strategic move to help limit creators from reposting Shorts as their TikTok or their Reels on various apps. This way, there is a stronger chance of enhancing the presence of such content through these apps.

But let’s take a second here and analyze the situation carefully. We have apps from Meta and TikTok also entailing watermarks across all downloaded content. And they’re doing the same as YouTube is doing: restricting content sharing across archrival platforms.

Therefore, we don’t see why YouTube putting watermarks is any different from what the others are doing at the moment.

Remember, sharing similar content from one app to another has become so simple with time. Hence, it seems to make sense as to why apps are going the extra mile to halt the move while providing creators with food for thought against it.

The change begins today for desktop users and soon for mobile devices.

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