Meta Details Plans To Combat Misinformation Spread Ahead Of US Midterm Elections

Time is flying and that means we’re inching closer to the midterm elections in the US. On that note, Meta is not willing to take any risk or delay plans to boost its security for the occasion.

The famous tech giant was seen outlining in detail how it intends to limit the spread of misinformation, which has been a major issue of the past through its apps.

The company delineated an array of tools designed to help gather awareness while allowing users to make informed decisions. This includes the topic of votes through election polls.

As was seen in the company’s statement today, the tech giant has invested a huge sum of money to ensure elections online are secure, not just now but all the time.

The company reportedly invested $5 billion last year for the same reason it hoped everything would go according to plan. They have also a sturdy workforce who are delegated tasks to make sure this proves to be successful. As of now, 40 teams are working on the same initiative.

But it’s not just the US elections that happen to be Meta’s concern. They have outlined similar efforts for places like France as well as the Philippines, catering to global audiences too.

As far as the 2022 American midterms are concerned, well, Meta is in full action. It says that the past has been its biggest teacher and that’s why it doesn’t plan on repeating any mistakes seen previously.

For starters, the company will place warning tags across posts that pass the fact-checking maneuver. This is to assist users with credible guidance around election campaigns.

Next up, Meta has updated its Spend Tracker for all sorts of ads related to the political niche as mentioned in its Ad Library publishing. This is to ensure people gain the knowledge of specific candidates as well as various political parties. How much they’re spending to target their voters will also be highlighted.

Similarly, the tech giant hopes to limit any new ads being published during the last week of the election campaign this year. The same was witnessed during the 2020 election campaign for the country’s president.

There will be stringent calls to end violence and various efforts outlined to counter misinformation spread too, the firm added. Also, Meta hopes to include a new range of stickers for Facebook users so they can be motivated to participate in the voting.

Meta adds that keeping its users informed is a task that has been highlighted from day one. This includes all types of details being highlighted such as how voters get registered and specific updates of things taking place on a country level.

For the very first time, Meta couldn’t be more excited to feature news about the elections across its feeds in a language other than English. This way, you might be seeing alerts in both languages pop up across your screens.

All these tasks are sure to enhance Meta’s already present moves to curb misinformation and enable diligent fact-checking. This way, we hope users will get a more accurate picture with relevant discussions of what’s really going on.

Recently, the firm was seen publishing a new fact sheet that highlighted all of the changes it planned on taking on board this political season. In the same way, it hoped to act stringently against extremist groups to gain better support through its platforms.

As it is, they’ve been caught mentioning how a whopping 270 different white supremacist groups were banned, with over 2.5 million types of content removed in 2022 so far.

With the recent Mar-a-Lago raid that took place in the past week, clearly, tensions are rising in the US. And that warrants social media apps to really up their security game and bring change.

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