The best times to post on social media are here but be aware that they might not be the best for you

Being an influencer on social media requires a great understanding of the times your followers are the most active and their habits so you can devise a schedule for your posts so that they work well on the platform.

Many influencers are confused about this and want to find a good time chart for their posts. So, CoSchedule released a bit of data on the best times to post on their social media.

However, a disclaimer must be given that, the data that is presented in this article is in no way meant to be instructional and the best time for users to post on their socials depends on a multitude of factors such as the availability of the influencer or the interest and the activity of the followers. This data is very generalized and maybe cannot apply in any form to your audiences as every person's audience is unique.

So data, which was insight collected by the team at CoSchedule consisted of data from 37 million posts across 30,000 organizations. The study looked at data as to when the users from these audiences were the most active and engaging with the post by liking sharing and saving them.

This data could provide you with some helpful tips as to how you can set up your schedule but this absolutely cannot act as an absolute guide.

On to the data now. According to the insights posted by the company, the best days to post on social media in general are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the times being 08:41 AM, 03:15 PM, and 07:00 PM.

If you want a more specific version of it then Instagram is the first in line with the best days of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. The best times to post on Instagram are 09:00 AM, 09:01 AM, and 07:00 PM.

Now, comes Twitter with Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as the lucky days with the times 08:36 AM, 09:26 AM, and 10:00 AM.

Most of the apps fell between the 09:00, 07:00, and 10:00 time periods which were then declared as the best times to post on social media.

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